This guide site aims to decide the final goal weapons and artifacts.
You can find the best equipment for each character by comparing each equipment under the same conditions such as level and sub status of character, weapons, artifacts.
Compare by this tool before starting the careful selection and prevent the development of wrong equipment.
Since it is freshly completed and not well known, it would be helpful if you could introduce it on SNS, Videos, Sites, etc.

How to Use

You do not need to enter the current status in the basic usage.
Even for those who are at a low level now, it is more efficient and recommended to know the equipment that you are aiming for in the end, rather than the optimum equipment at the current level.
Select the final target level and compare the character level, weapon level, and talents level.

How to Use Details
  1. Compare the sets you care about in the automatic set.
  2. The status that can be changed by Apply Status changes depending on the conditions, so it is recommended to check the conditions as well.
  3. Experts don’t have to worry about Automatic Set. Compare with the combination that suits you best.
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