Tier List

It is an evaluation of GenshinDM for light users who want to raise strong characters.
Please use it as a reference for the role of the character and as a reference for prioritizing training.
It depends on the conditions, so if you can decide the rank within yourself, you don’t have to worry about it.
Total Tier
Main DPSSub DPSSupport

Tier List Prerequisites

  • ★5 Characters C0, ★4 Characters C6,Amber & Kaeya & Lisa C2
  • Assuming a Spiral Abyss TA, the DMG & range are highly evaluated.
  • Emphasis on continuous DPM in long-term battles rather than instantaneous DPS.
  • [Expected DMG], [Range], [DPS], [DPM], [CD], [ER], [Easy to handle], [Versatility], etc. have been considered.
  • Since versatility is also taken into consideration, there is a possibility that the performance will be higher than the rank depending on the PT configuration.
  • Evaluation may feel low due to subdivision
    (Even in B rank, it is strong enough because it can only enter the top 35%)

Why the evaluation is different from other sites

This is because the prerequisites are different from other sites.
The conditions are different for each site.
・Opponents is single or multiple?
・Performance of a single unit or total DPS of PT?
・Consider CD?
・Transformation enhancement buff is included in sub DPS?
In GenshinDM, the ranking is based on the premise of a situation close to the practice of Spiral Abyss.
In the case of the optimum PT configuration, there are characters that perform better than the evaluation.
If you can understand the most suitable character, it is recommended to develop a character that fits the PT composition without worrying about the rank.
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